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Intentional Journey (Coaching & Meditations)

Feeling stuck? Move from a place of uncertainty to a place of wisdom, ease & flow. Each week our group practices key principles for designing & experiencing a life you love, a life of power.

Heart – Life Purpose
Mind – Learned Skills
Spirit – Integrative Discovery
Body – Experiential Behaviors
The Field – Support Environment

Guided meditations relax the mind & body, magnify presence to gain wisdom about any challenge or opportunity.

Kevin Lockwood


Bi-Weekly at 2PM
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Speakership is Leadership (We support all stages of your speaking process)

We lead our community, team, & audience powerfully with our spoken words. Preparation & the right tools allow you to speak memorably w/ impact on stage, in meetings, or live video recordings. One element for each session:

Finding your core idea
Knowing your audience
Starting Strong
Storytelling for fun & influence
Principles of Body Language

The act of crafting pitches, presenting new ideas & speaking to large audiences is an opportunity for you to lead through calm, confident delivery.

Margaret Romney


Weekly at 3PM
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Mindset Mastery (Bring your ‘A’ game)

Have you looked at successful leaders wondering… how do they do it?
Dive into minds like;

Phil Knight, Elon Musk
Jeff Bezos, Sheril Sandburg
Bill Gates, Grant Cardone

On a Journey to build something meaningful?
Altering the content you consume?

Gain insights, push your mindset, find new ways to tackle obstacles
& adjust your
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Michael Ostrow


Bi-Weekly at 5PM
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Being Home (Emotion is not okay, it’s required)

Being Home is a safe space to get support around the difficulties we face in our current reality & a guide back home, to ourselves:

Personal support
Peace & health
A practice that embraces & cares, an energetic exchange
Transformational passion

Intentionally create this time for yourself… without distractions,
disconnect from the outside world to go inward with yourself.
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Emily Perkins


Bi-Weekly at 11AM
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Connect & Grow (Eckhart Tolle’s Teachings)

We will look to Eckhart Tolle & others to use the best of their concepts, tools + skillsets to help us navigate life.

A short passage is shared
We learn it
We understand it
We apply it

We do this by asking questions, sharing understanding, giving examples & more.
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Dan Ryan


Bi-Weekly at 5PM
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Small Business + Big Bacon (May be locked at 6 participants)

High Trust Round Table:

Deep passion for human things beyond business things
Dealing with clients & their needs
ALL aspects of your sales process
Rapidly applicable, working on yourself & your business

SMASHING “HEAD JUNK” for Small Biz Owners
Make Decisions Easier & Smarter
for more Sales, Profit, & Fun.
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Aj Sue


Bi-Weekly at 8AM
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Holistic Marketing (Bring a project you’re working on – we can help!)

Optimization, Social Media, E-Mail & Video for Quality Conversion Rates:

Enjoy the process of setting & achieving goals
Growing our businesses + skills = more revenue & recurring income
Being recognized as an authority in each of our fields
Building a team & working together

What is the biggest marketing challenge you are facing right now & what action have you taken?
Learn: More About Joey

Joey Guido

Joey Guido


Bi-Weekly at 3PM
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Tough Love & Results (A No Excuses Path To Your Goals)

You make your own goals and as a group, we make sure you get it done, no matter how ambitious you are.

Set Goals That You Will Be Held Accountable For
Self Improvement Tasks When You Miss Your Target
A Group Who Will Push You
A Group Who Will Support You

This is a no holds barred, confront your fears & achieve your goals kind of group. No matter what your goal or your blocker, we will succeed, together.
Learn: More About Jeremy

Jeremy Thiesen


Bi-Weekly at 12PM
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“The creative thinking of the collective by far exceeds that of the individual.” Napoleon Hill, Think & Grow Rich

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