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Review the secret handshake before attending events. Catalyst Shift is a diverse community practicing healthy digital collaboration. We are genuine and positive.

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Vision For Coaches

Catalyst Shift™ Leverages 5 Trends

1. Private Community
2. Digital Connection
3. Service-Based Businesses

4. Efficient Social-Media
5. Diverse Collaboration

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a Community for Coaches
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Combines the most important values successful entrepreneurs crave, (network and experience).

Our coaches listen well, celebrate wins, and receive ‘thank-you notes’ from connections.


Offers healthy feedback (when invited) and challenges those who are ready, in the best ways.

Our mastermind members make progress, and receive ‘thank-you notes’ from their clients.


Since the right partners naturally move our businesses (and lives) forward.

Our vulnerability allows us to enjoy teamwork, decrease overtime, and prevent burnout.

Our Journey Starts!

Blazing trails as business owners with swords drawn, depending on our technical ability to light a campfire each night, alone. Trees show signs of an entrepreneurial myth, with new weapons we can climb mountains.

We Learn...

The most effective weapons are spears because group formation is stronger than individual endurance. Yet each day facing harsh elements, lone-wolf survival feels normal or necessary.

The Obvious Truth?

We crave connection and collaboration fuels innovation. Packs are extremely vocal, more successful in communication. This valley doesn’t sell swords or sharpen spears… in this forest they’re obsolete.