Meet Our Facilitators

AJ Sue Mastermind Events for Small Business

AJ Sue
Mastermind Group: Small Business, Big Bacon
Bacon-Loving Rollerblading Ice-Skating Woodworking Small Business Coach. #LeadWithPassion

Fadi Malouf Mastermind Events for Success

Fadi Malouf
Mastermind Group: 7 Elements to Success
I help entrepreneurs build on their existing personal & professional assets through deeper relationships.

Jenn Uhen Mastermind Events for Finance

Jenn Uhen
Mastermind Group: Money Moves
Founder of The Pledgettes, a community for women to talk about money. Speaker about Money (Money Mindset, Money Conversations, Building Your Financial A-Team)

Kevin Lockwood Mastermind Events for Meditation

Kevin Lockwood
Mastermind Group: Journey Meditations
Certified Visionary Leadership & Conscious Coach, Licensed Spiritual Practitioner, and Six-Sigma Black Belt with 30 years of experience creating transformation.

Michael Brandwajn Mastermind Events for Marketing

Michael Brandwajn
Mastermind Group: Holistic Marketing
I am a teacher and an artist by nature. I strive for balance. Love, laughter and the pursuit of truth are my religion.

Michael Ostrow Mastermind Events for Mindset

Michael Ostrow
Mastermind Group: Mindset Mastery
Mindset Mastery Facilitator – Unlocking parts of your brain so that you can achieve new growth.

Margaret Romney Mastermind Events for Speaking

Margaret Watts Romney
Mastermind Group: Speakership is Leadership
Perpetual student, consistent teacher, tea drinker, garden experimenter, flawed but dedicated parent, business founder and “Speakership is Leadership” believer

Nick Guenther Mastermind Events for Sales

Nick Guenther
Mastermind Group: Sales & Sharks
Connecting entrepreneurs & small businesses to form partnerships, boost sales, overcome fears & aim for the stars!

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(Mental Floss, Scientific Benefits of Helping Others)