Featured Groups

Featured Groups

Holistic Marketing

First 10 minutes: people share a “win” from the previous week, for one minute. Sometimes wins come from losses, in the form of learning. We use commitments from last week as part of the accountability in this section.
Minute 10 to 30: Each person shares what they are struggling with, and solicits feedback from others.
Minute 30 to 45: Rotating hot seat. One participant gets the attention, and we help him/her/they in any aspect of their business. We might actually have a request from that participant from the prior week, so that we can see their site or ads, and we can give more specific and thorough feedback.
Minute 45 to 60: Each participant takes a minute to commit to one main objective for next week (we use this on the first 10 minutes of the next session, as part of accountability).

Journey Meditation

Guided group meditations for all experience levels.

  • Relax your mind and body, open into source
  • Gain wisdom about a life challenge or opportunity
  • Move powerfully into life

The energy and purpose behind this mastermind group is to support you in moving from a place of uncertainty or feeling stuck to a place of personal wisdom, ease, and flow.Find a quiet room, bring a journal or notebook and your favorite seat.

Mindset Mastery 

Have you looked at successful leaders wondering… how do they do it?

Dive into minds like:

  • Phil Knight, Elon Musk
  • Jeff Bezos, Sheril Sandburg
  • Bill Gates, Grant Cardone

On a Journey to build something meaningful? Or… Altering the content you consume? Gain insights, push your mindset, find new ways to tackle obstacles & adjust your paradigm.

Money Moves

  • Financial Fails are Not The End
  • Your Biggest Raise
  • Evolving Your Money Mindset
  • Your Biggest Financial Risk
  • Building Your Financial A-Team
  • Dream Bigger w/ your Financial Goals

The more confidently you can talk about money, the faster you will achieve your goals.

Sales & Sharks

  • There is an element to ‘sales’ that makes people cringe, Is SALES is a naughty word?
  • Time tested principles you can use immediately to make a larger impact
  • We talk about getting more customers because your valuable service/product makes peoples’ lives better! Let’s dive in!

5 Metrics to bring w/ you: (WoW, MoM, YoY):

  • # Leads (how many see it?)
  • Sales or Conversions (how many buy) (or show interest?)
  • Ave # of Transactions (how many times do they purchase?)
  • Price / Sale ($) (lifetime value?)
  • Total costs involved to obtain leads & deliver your product or service.

Small Business, Big Bacon

  • Deep passion for human things beyond business things
  • Dealing with clients & their needs
  • ALL aspects of your sales process
  • Rapidly applicable, working on yourself & your business

SMASHING “HEAD JUNK” for Small Biz Owners to make Decisions Easier & Smarter for more Sales, Profit, & Fun!

Speakership is Leadership

You lead your community, team, & audience powerfully with your spoken words. Preparation & the right tools allow you to speak memorably w/ impact on stage, in meetings, or on-screen.

Each week we check in, focus on one element of public speaking to support all your communicating, then open the floor for brief questions and discussion.

Join other growth-minded and purpose-driven people in this interactive hour developing our speaking together.

7 Elements to Success

Topics Covered:
Spiritually – Acceptance, Peace, & Enlightenment
Mentally – Reason, Agreements & Process
Physically – Exercise, Nutrition & Wellness
Financially – Economy, Business & Investments
Socially – Connections, Influence & Worthy Causes
Emotionally – Love, Impact, Harmony
Artistically – Creativity, Storytelling & Inspiration

Consistent Takeaways from our 7-Element weekly discussions:
+ Leadership
+ Collective Deep Work
+ Mindful Living
+ Fueled Goals & Dreams!

Are You Networking Online?

Learn our secret handshake, and try a few mastermind groups.

Find Your Mastermind Group

Why offer a 30-day trial?
Because most networking groups try to sell you before you can shake hands, and many ‘certified’ coaches ask you to commit before you’re ready.

We prefer something more authentic…
“People are more likely to perform feats of generosity after observing another do the same.
This effect can ripple throughout the community, inspiring dozens of individuals to make a difference.”
(Mental Floss, Scientific Benefits of Helping Others)

Why the “Shift”?

Together, we are committed to making a shift from our current lives, connections and business challenges to ones of new opportunities, relationships and collaboration.