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Were you hoping to start networking with other small business owners?
Please visit www.catalystshift.com to get started or email: info at catalyst shift dot com (for assistance)

Why the “Shift”?

Together, we are committed to making a shift from our current lives, connections and business challenges to ones of new opportunities, relationships and collaboration.

Can I learn how to be a mastermind group facilitator?

Please email Hello@CatalystShift.com to inquire.

What if I like doing things by myself?

We believe that having the right community is more important than working overtime. We’ve personally experienced that the right people naturally move our businesses (and lives) forward more than we could have alone.

Change can be uncomfortable so if you’re looking to practice more teamwork and collaboration when historically you’ve been working independently you may experience a few side effects and that’s normal. 😉

What is a ‘hot-seat’?

Facilitators may offer everyone the opportunity to take the hot-seat, where members share their wins, experiences or business challenges… This is a great chance to get feedback and help others progress!

  • Typically, you have 60 seconds to share your situation with the group.
  • The facilitator leads and directs clarifying questions for 2-3 minutes.
  • Everyone collaborates on the situation and offers ways to improve progress.
  • Lastly, the facilitator will usually summarize the experience.
Does networking for my business require that I invest more time?

Yes, building relationships and partnerships takes time. Many members have expressed an almost instant connection with the groups upon joining, forming business partnerships can take more time. While Catalyst helps to decrease the amount of time it takes to form a business partnership, we find it takes around 3 months to build trust in newly formed teams. The amount of progress will directly mirror your engagement.

What if I have a business idea, but I’m not sure that I’m ready to launch it?

Sometimes all you need is to explore an idea and see what taking that next step might actually look like. Catalyst mastermind groups provide the space to take that step, you’ll be introduced to other entrepreneurs who are at all different stages of the startup journey. Members join because they want to help others succeed as well so if you need a group to learn and bounce ideas off with this is a great community.

How can a first-time entrepreneur / small business owner benefit from mastermind groups?

When you surround yourself with people who know what you’re going through and are passionate about your success… You unlock an accelerated timeline (in chemistry this is called a Catalyst)!

With a supportive community by your side that you trust (that’s outside your everyday relationships), you’ll get unbiased feedback on specific challenges and open yourself to a diverse group of people who could spark new ideas that will either take you further or may help you switch gears faster.

What if the mastermind group meeting times don’t work with my schedule?

We encourage our members to work with each other and with the facilitators, if a time doesn’t work, you should reach out to the community and ask if they’d be open to rescheduling. If you’re unable to find/adjust sessions that sync well with your schedule, please let an admin know and we will refund your membership.

Why Catalyst Shift?

You may have seen other ‘mastermind’ groups that charge $400/month. Oftentimes, these groups are more tactical and leave people with tools that last a few months. Rather than focus on a short term and financially driven model, we are focused on finding the right people in order to create the community experience. We value diversity among members, industries, business models, etc. with groups led by facilitators who bring different styles and are wildly different from one another

What does the application process look like?
  • Complete the brief contact form here.
  • You’ll be connected with a Catalyst Shift member so we can talk with you directly and make sure that our core values align: teamwork, optimism, feedback and innovation.
  • Once accepted, you’ll be required to sign our “secret handshake”.
  • Start connecting, explore our online community and sign up for your first mastermind group.
What are the requirements to join the virtual mastermind community?

Bring yourself!

All members must first apply and if you’re approved, we only ask that if you RSVP to an event, that you show up and engage.

  • 19+ events/month. You personally select and sync to your calendar.
  • We have an event app that allows you to join in 100% remotely and chat between sessions.
  • Sessions are bi-weekly lasting 60 minutes (on zoom) with 6-10 participants.

Sessions are led by mastermind trained facilitators and coaches.