What’s Next?

1. Finalize a Profile

After adding your picture, you will find a few optional questions that will help us get to know you. A member will approve your profile on our community space (called Mighty Net).

2. Learn the Handshake

Review our secret handshake before attending events. Catalyst Shift is a diverse community practicing healthy digital conversation. We experience more freedom and clarity by staying connected to people who are genuine and positive.

3. Select your Groups

Each mastermind shares a private space, to see the events you will need to join the groups best for your current goals and sync your calendar in the events section.

That’s all you need to get started, here are a few more details you can come back to review.

4. Introduction Sessions

Change can be hard, we help one another harness the uncomfortable, to progress. We’re happy to show you around, so grab a host or jump into an intro session.

5. Personal Notifications

Reminders and calendars are personal so we leave the adventure up to you… Hosts love feedback so if there is a better day/time for a specific event, please let them know.

6. Membership Payments

We believe that our community and events naturally attract the right members, non-member profiles are removed after 30 days. To continue, pay before your trial expires.

We’re proud of you for breaking routine, and trying something new. We look forward to meeting you soon!

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